Welcome to the Choi Kwang Do West of England Blog – covering self defence and training tips for CKD classes in Bristol, Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon

A word from Master Instructor Dale Miller

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  In it I hope to publish training tips, reproduce past articles that I have had published in national Martial Arts magazines and also to give a more in depth explanation about why we train the way we do in Choi Kwang Do than is possible to put on the web site.

Now I know there are plenty of resources online to teach you about self defence and martial arts, so why bother reading this?  Well, I have been training in the Martial Art of Choi Kwang Do since December 1991, so at the time of writing I have been doing this martial art for 23 years.  I’ve taught hundreds of students throughout the UK, have been invited many times to teach in different seminars over the UK and have taught Choi Kwang Do students from many different countries from around the world.  I am one of the highest ranking Choi Kwang Do instructors in the UK and around the world and have had the privilege to train with all of the best Choi Kwang Do instructors over the years.  I have lots of experience to pass on and hopefully you will enjoy reading some of it.

If you come across this blog and haven’t ever studied Choi Kwang Do and are interested in learning a martial art, learning self defence, or simply being healthier by training in the safest martial art I have yet experienced then please go to my web site http://www.CKDBristol.co.uk . From there you can find out about my classes and also sign up for free lessons.

If you are not based in the Bristol/Wiltshire area and are interested in what Choi Kwang Do has to offer than I encourage you to go to the main Choi Kwang Do web site at http://www.Choikwangdo.com and find your nearest location.

Pil Seung

Dale Miller


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