Improving children’s performance and self confidence with a few simple words!

If I want one of the children in my classes to hit harder or put more effort I’ve found I can improve their efforts significantly with just a few words.  I’ve not tried this on adults yet as they generally don’t need it but I’m pretty sure the psychology would transfer to them too.

Say for instance I have a five year old who isn’t hitting as hard as I know they can,  I ask them to pretend they are a ten year old, teenager or even batman and say if you were as strong as them how would you Punch, or kick? 

Every time I do this I see them think and it results in a fantastic strike with lots of power or a big improvement in performance. I have one young student who is just brilliant and every lesson I ask him now how old he is when he walks into my class. Each time he now answers Fifteen years old, and does brilliantly all lesson.  He is only five.

So by getting them to imagine the are stronger they manage to perform better. Just another example of how powerful or minds can be.

Feel free to try it with your kids next time they find something difficult or need more effort. Ask them how they would do something if they were….  Then ask them to show you.


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Dale Miller

Master Instructor of Choi Kwang Do.


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