How to improve your Choi Kwang Do Front stance.

The Choi Kwang Do Front Stance is a very easy stance to perform.  And as Choi Kwang Do only uses this stance for virtually all of its techniques and patterns, it is incredibly important to get the stance correct.  You should think of your stance as the foundation on which pretty much ALL of your techniques is built upon.  So even some basic errors in the stance can have a big effect on your balance, power creation, weight distribution etc.  If you find kicking difficult, chances are that making a little adjustment to your stance can make a world of difference.

With that in mind, I have made a short video highlighting how to get into your front stance, and also some pointers that seem to have been lost along the years, such as shifting your weight slightly onto your rear leg, bend at the knees slightly etc.



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Dale Miller

Master Instructor of Choi Kwang Do.


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