I got stabbed 7-8 times tonight….

It’s true.  Over the course of about 5 minutes I got stabbed that many times.(just a quick disclaimer. Knife defences aren’t part of the official CKD syllabus it is something i teach that I’ve learned from my CKD instructors and other non ckd people)

Now I have to admit.  It was with a rubber knife.  I was pretty tired after a reasonably hard training session and my partner knew what I was going to do and was anticipating a little and was resisting a bit too much in places where he wouldn’t be resisting after a few of the strikes I hit him with.  The end result is the same.  I got stabbed a few times.

I have almost 24 years of martial arts experience.  I have been doing knife defenses for over 20 years.  I would have to say on the scheme of things i’m usually very good at them.  I have had many a class where I would have walked away from 5 minutes of knife attacks with a strong resisting opponent without a scratch.  Yet tonight’s class where I got stabbed a few times was important.

Knife drills aren’t easy, they aren’t meant to be.  When we do defend against a knife in a controlled environment without your partner trying to resist you when appropriate it is very easy to get overconfident about knife defenses.  Overconfidence in a real life situation can have devastating results if we make a mistake.  No matter how hard we train in class, there is nothing that will prepare you for the adrenaline dump that will go through your body if someone pulls a knife on you in real life.  Your brain will go foggy, your thinking will slow as the blood runs from your brain to your limbs preparing you to fight, flight or freeze.  This is where hopefully our training kicks in and we will to the best of our abilities defend ourselves and survive as muscle memory and instinct kick in.

The chances are though if you make a few mistakes in the controlled environment of class you will make more under pressure with a real knife.  My instructor always taught me that if you have to defend against a knife you should anticipate that you WILL get cut.  Your job is to minimize the damage and survive.

So it’s an important lesson for ALL of us martial artists to learn.  No matter how good we are at knife defenses ALL it takes is 1 mistake and it can have potentially deadly consequences.  We need to bear that in mind when we judge a real life situation.  If someone is asking for your wallet, sure you might well be excellent and can defend yourself, but one slip, one mistake and your dead.  Better to give up the wallet no matter how good you are.  If someone is threatening you with a knife for something it needs to be something worth more than your life for you to take that risk.  For me it would be my family, friends and students.  They are the only ones I would consider putting myself in between them and a knife attacker.  There isn’t really a possession in the world I would be willing to risk that for.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I think knife defenses are crucial to learn.  I think more so in this day and age and they wil become more and more important in the future.  At the same time, we need to teach our students to evaluate the situation well and NOT to let the get overconfident with them.  After all, if someone with 20 years of experience can get stabbed 7-8 times on an off night it could just as easily happen to them.

As for some of the knife defenses i have learned over the years I plan to video some of them and put them on the blog very soon.  So please keep an eye out for new articles.

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Dale Miller

Master Instructor of Choi Kwang Do.




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