How you can ruin someone’s self defense skills in 6 easy steps.

Believe it or not, you can have a huge impact on your fellow students ability to defend themselves, depending on their experience level. How you perform in Choi Kwang Do defence drills can be either very beneficial or very detrimental. With that in mind I’m going to teach you a few ways you can really go to town and damage your partners ability to defend themselves.

1. First of all, bring your ego into it and when you are the attacker make it all about how well you can kick and punch. How often you can catch your partner out and punch and kick far faster than any real assailant would just to overwhelm you’re partner. You will feel great in yourself in that you have shown your partner how awesome your abilities are, how much quicker you are and who really is the best in the dojang. Don’t worry about building their self confidence, just build yours.

2. Don’t use any variety in your attacks. Repeat your favourite combinations over and over again, punch punch punch kick, left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand. Make it really repetitive and an easy to learn pattern so your partner can block it with their eyes closed if need be. And yes, I HAVE actually closed my eyes and blocked with some students to make this point and they still didn’t hit me.

3. Let them get away with droping their guard. If you see your partner with their hands down by their hips don’t in any way let them know and carry on attacking and watch as they flounder. You can ruin this trick by stopping attacking when you see their guard drop and telling them to bring their guard up before resuming or by quickly hitting them very gently on the head and reminding them about their guard. Either way seems to make them bring their hands up again and make YOUR life more difficult.

4. When you are attacking, why bother looking for openings. Aim all of your punches close to where their arms are and end up hitting their gloves. When it comes to kicking just aim for their hip and stomach area where it is easiest to block. Don’t bother using the occasional low kicks to the knee or thigh . Your partner will find it super easy to block everything and they will thank you for it

5. Be super uncompliant. When learning certain drills such as close range grabs and holds, knife drills or other weapon drills you start off really compliant so your partner cab learn what to do. As soon as they get the hang of it it’s time to be psychically uncompliant. Sure a stranger attacking you isn’t going to go easy on you so when you are the attacker don’t react at all to the strikes thrown your way. Keep powering on. And then show your psychic abilities. As you have been practicing the drill together you know where and how your partner is meant to go. So react to that before he does so. Make that knife miraculously change direction so that you stab your partner repeatedly. Struggle and block against their counter techniques that you know are coming. After all a stranger attacking your partner might be surprised and not expect these attacks but you know what’s coming right? Use it to your advantage.

6. Don’t let your intensity increase with their experience.  As your partner gets through the ranks keep treating them like a beginner. Don’t increase the speed, power or intensity of your attacks in any way shape or form. Make it easy enough for your partner and that way you can have a great chat about how their week has been.  Defence drills are the perfect time to be sociable. Don’t ruin it by tiring either of you out. You can’t talk when your gasping for air.

With close range type of drills keep grabbing your partner lightly even if they are black belts. God forbid that we actually grab a senior level person with some realism so that they are actually prepared for an attack in real life.

Now those are my top 6 ways of ruining your partners self defence skills. There are more. Feel free to add your favourites to the comments section.

For those of you spoilsport who are actually interested in improving your self defence skills and the skills of your fellow students then please do the opposite of what I’ve said in this article. While I’m writing this with my tongue firmly in cheek these are all things I’ve seen happen occasionally in the dojang over the last 24 years I’ve been training. It’s important to realise how to be a good training partner and to help support and develop each other as your train.

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Dale Miller

Master Instructor of Choi Kwang Do.